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HUAWEI Hongmeng trademarked in Malaysia and other countries

HUAWEI Hongmeng trademarked in Malaysia and other countries

by Vyncent ChanJune 14, 2019
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While we have been previously reported about HUAWEI possibly calling their own OS Ark OS, it seems like it will be known as HUAWEI Hongmeng officially. This comes as they have trademarked the name in Malaysia and is planning to file a trademark for the HongMeng name in Europe and at least nine other countries.

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This development comes as HUAWEI readies themselves for US’ total ban, which will mean they won’t be able to use Android services anymore. Google has been reportedly lobbying to the US to not pull through with the ban, as they believe that it would be detrimental to security, ironically, if HUAWEI can no longer rely on Android OS and has to develop their own Hongmeng OS.

With the trademarks filed, it seems like HUAWEI won’t be waiting on the US, and will instead push ahead with their back up plan. At least, when fecal matter hits the fan, they will be ready for it with Hongmeng OS. HUAWEI has reportedly claimed that Hongmeng OS is almost ready for prime time, so we will see if they will be offering it as an optional upgrade for current users of HUAWEI smartphones soon.

HUAWEI claims Hongmeng can offer up to 60% better performance than Android, which is a claim we would like to verify for ourselves as well.


Pokdepinion: I am quite divided about this Hongmeng OS business. It’s interesting to see something different from Android, but after seeing the fate of the previous mobile OSes after Android…

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