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iflix Launch Coconut TV – Giving An Uncensored Look Of Southeast Asia And It’s Free!

iflix Launch Coconut TV – Giving An Uncensored Look Of Southeast Asia And It’s Free!

by Raja IdrisApril 2, 2018
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iflix has announced today of their collaboration with Coconuts Media with the release of Coconuts TV on their entertainment platform.

iflix Launch Coconut TV

iflix Launch Coconut TV - Giving An Uncensored Look Of Southeast Asia And It's Free! 26Starting from today, anyone in Asia regardless of whether have an active iflix subscription or not, can stream and download all six episodes of the docu-series for free and on any device. The channel sets to feature bold and edgy documentary series that spotlights Southeast Asia’s most weird and wondrous stories.

To give an overview on the episodes, the first is titled ‘Sexy Time’, where it discuses about sex.Explore the many facets of how sex has shaped South East Asia’s modern culture, music, and society.

Then we have ‘Marginalized’. Follow the rise of superstars  from historically marginalized groups within society, exposing the difference between who we are and we aspire to become.

‘Animal and Us’ unveils spirituality, mindfulness, and healing with a legendary horse riding, kickboxing, drug-fighting monk (well that was a long one). You’d then be brought to explore a volcanic active region where nature knows no kings nor does it give mercy to the wildlife around it.

Besides that, there’s also ‘Wheels of Change’ where the only assurance in life is change. Follow the rise of gender equality in Malaysian motorsports and the fall of the iconic Filipino jeepney. Witness the evolution and how steadfast communities adapt to these fast times.

The rest, well we’ll just leave that for you to check out. Besides, the episodes are free so there’s nothing to lose. Do check them out!

Now available to over one billion consumers, which includes territories throughout Asia, the Middle East and Asia, iflix has established itself as a key player in the video streaming service provider market.

The company provides access to thousands of TV shows, movies, and more with content made available to cater to everyone’s taste such as comedies, drama, K-drama, Bollywood, Nollywood, cartoons, movies, live sports, and more from Hollywood.

Pokdepinion: Haven’t had the time to go and watch yet, but from what I’ve gathered, they really sound interesting. I mean, from featuring Miss Tiffany’s transgender beauty pageant in Pattaya to midget boxing in Manila (not that I have any weird fetishes!), they are certainly different from the usual stuff we get on TV.


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