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Lenovo Mobile to operate as Motorola in Malaysia; no more Lenovo smartphones?

Lenovo Mobile to operate as Motorola in Malaysia; no more Lenovo smartphones?

by Vyncent ChanJanuary 26, 2018
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As we know, Lenovo has obtained Motorola from Google some time back. However they have been still releasing their own smartphones here in Malaysia, the most recent being the Lenovo K8 Note. Their latest announcement is that they will be phasing out the Lenovo Mobile brand, and be unified under the Motorola brand here in Malaysia.

They will be shutting down Lenovo Mobile Malaysia’s social media and online presence gradually, starting with the Facebook and Instagram pages. The website will be deactivated too at a later date. For 2018, you will only be seeing new innovative and fun devices coming from Motorola. Of course, current Lenovo devices will still be supported and available from all their authorized sales channels, but there will be no new Lenovo smartphones coming to Malaysia.

Henceforth all queries about Lenovo devices should be directed to Motorola Malaysia’s FB page. For more information about this unification, read this.

Pokdepinion: Motorola is definitely a more familiar name in the smartphone market, and this move should help Lenovo focus their marketing efforts on a single brand rather than two.

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