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Meet your match on Facebook — but its not quite ready yet

Meet your match on Facebook — but its not quite ready yet

by Vyncent ChanMay 2, 2018
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Facebook is testing out a new feature which will allow you to seek out people who match you by a curated list of preferences. Just like dating, but it’s probably assisted by some fancy AI-powered algorithm by Facebook. The best part? You can create a separate profile for dating, so your Facebook friends won’t know of your dating preferences.

Meet your match on Facebook — but its not quite ready yet 26

This is a pretty natural extension of Facebook as they already have access to most of your data anyway. With the Facebook dating profile, users will be able to discover people with similar interests through Groups or Events, dating preferences and mutual friends. And since the feature is separate from your standard Facebook profile, no one can tease you about the activity you conduct with your dating profile. It’s private, just like how dating is supposed to be. Yes, you PITAs with the excessive PDA on Facebook and Instagram, I am talking about you.

This feature will roll out later this year, so for those of you who are still single, good luck!

Pokdepinion: I do not really see the need for the addition of a dating profile besides to target the niche demographic using dating apps…

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