Missing MIUI Dialer and Messaging on your new Xiaomi? Here’s why Xiaomi uses Google’s alternatives now

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Missing MIUI Dialer and Messaging on your new Xiaomi? Here’s why Xiaomi uses Google’s alternatives now

Xiaomi made a jump to Google’s Phone and Messages app with the Mi 9T Pro, ditching their own MIUI Dialer and Messaging app which were on all prior devices, including the Mi 9T. The change is apparently due to Xiaomi wanting to abide by “privacy laws and restrictions around the globe.”

The change to Google’s alternatives will be across all upcoming Xiaomi smartphones. While Google’s app is competent, you will be missing out on the call recording feature, which was probably part of the reason why the MIUI Dialer wasn’t exactly compliant to privacy laws in the first place.

With that said, there are plenty of custom skins out there offering phone apps that can record calls. But given the precarious situation Chinese phones are in right now, Xiaomi probably doesn’t want to get into trouble over privacy infringement lawsuits.

xiaomi mi 9t pro google phone and messages
The first device to offer Google’s Phone and Messages app instead of their MIUI counterparts, the Mi 9T Pro.

Xiaomi promised that the call recording feature will be added later this year, although by what means is still unclear. Will Xiaomi be releasing a version of the MIUI Dialer which abides by the aforementioned privacy laws? The post which clarified the situation was uploaded onto the official MI Community forum before being taken down for some reason.

Pokdepinion: I have never used the call recording feature so this change really didn’t affect me aside from a aesthetic standpoint. Do you know how much Google’s apps stand out from MIUI’s general theme?

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  • Its not only about call recording… Lets face it .. the biggest thing that makes us choose miui is the dialer .
    I have just faced this nasty act of not having MIUI dialer when i yesterday got my new Redmi 9 . After using Redmi 5 for almost two years.
    Now i can’t choose to call from the other sim card. I cant see the recent number for contacts with multiple numbers , i cant see the call history of contacts in one place … Even it doesn’t display contact name some times for Chris sake !!
    This is disappointing and for sure i will get rid of this phone.

    If we want Google pure apps we will go for Google phones not Xiaomi

  • Really want the MI Dialer Mi-Xiaomi, please get it as soon as possible on the update. Give us a option to chose the option atleast

  • Yes, even I am disappointed with Google Dialer.
    Every single thing about it sucks.
    At least in MI phones, they should have given their own system dialers.

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