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MSI has the most market share in gaming laptops

MSI has the most market share in gaming laptops

by Vyncent ChanAugust 8, 2016
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MSI has been rolling out innovation upon innovation into the gaming notebook market, partnering with big names like Fnatic, Killer Network and WTFast GPN to further enhance gamers’ experience. It seems like their efforts has paid off as now MSI holds the largest market share in gaming laptops at 19%.

MSI market share

This graph shows the dominance MSI has in the gaming laptop market, and this is excluding all semi-gaming laptops. The definition of semi-gaming laptops is laptops that are equipped with GTX 950M GPUs, but lack any other gaming-oriented features. With MSI’s wide range of gaming notebooks ranging from the mid-range to extreme performance desktop replacements, it is not surprising that MSI leads in this department.

MSI is committed to further their domination of the gaming notebook market with even better products to fulfill gamers’ requirements. And a little birdy tells me that they are planning to launch their latest products in Malaysia very soon, so stay tuned!


Pokdepinion: MSI most probably has a stronger focus on designing great gaming notebooks since they do not have a big multimedia notebook line-up. Their gaming notebooks are their main line of products, and their dedication to making great gaming notebooks have paid off.

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