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POCOPHONE F1’s Android 10 update reportedly doubles GPU performance

POCOPHONE F1’s Android 10 update reportedly doubles GPU performance

by Vyncent ChanJanuary 28, 2020
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The POCOPHONE F1’s Android 10 update is slowly rolling out to users worldwide, and it seems that it will bring even more value to the venerable budget flagship of 2018. Redditors have spotted Geekbench Compute scores before and after the update, and there is a huge leap in the Vulkan scores.

POCOPHONE F1's Android 10 update reportedly doubles GPU performance 22

This is reportedly related to the addition of Game Driver with Android 10, although there might be more optimizations under the hood brought about by updating from MIUI 10 to MIUI 11 as well.

Some users also report a sweet improvement in gaming performance, although I have yet to experience that as my POCOPHONE F1 delivers a steady 60 fps in all games except for the battle royale mode in COD Mobile.

Regardless, it serves to highlight the importance of updated graphics drivers in smartphones, but it is worth noting that the Snapdragon 845 will not be receiving any driver updates from the Play Store, unlike the recent crop of premium chipsets from Qualcomm, so don’t expect new drivers to further squeeze more performance out of the old-but-still-very-impressive POCOPHONE F1.

Perhaps its time to look towards the POCO X2 instead?

Pokdepinion: Well, you have done it POCO. I am reinstalling MIUI after my CNY holidays are over.

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