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Qualcomm Refuses To Sell Apple Their Modems

Qualcomm Refuses To Sell Apple Their Modems

by Raja IdrisJanuary 15, 2019
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Apparently there is an antitrust trial happening between the United States Federal Trade Commission as well as SoC manufacturer, Qualcomm happening. In it, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams took the stand and let out some details on the company’s relationship with Qualcomm.

According to reporter Shara Tibken’s Tweet, it is reported that Williams testified that Apple had wanted to use Qualcomm modem chips to use in their iPhone XS, XS Max, as well as XR. Despite that, Qualcomm rejected the request as there’s ongoing legal disagreement between the two.

It is said that Qualcomm pushed away the deal due to Apple failing to keep up with their licensing payments to Qualcomm. As you might have known, iPhones has been pulled away from stores in multiple countries due to the ongoing legal fights between the companies and Qualcomm attempts to force Apple to pay back payments on those fees.

Instead of Qualcomm’s modems, Apple ended up using Intel’s offerings instead for their latest batch of iPhones. According to reports, the trial is expected to end sometime this week, though it may take longer than that.

Pokdepinion: In this matter, it’s nice to see that Qualcomm rejected the deal, even though they would be getting tons of money out of Apple. There’s still that previous payment that Apple owed them, so why not?

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