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Samsung Galaxy S11 display may be a real gamechanger

Samsung Galaxy S11 display may be a real gamechanger

by Vyncent ChanNovember 22, 2019
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If you have used a high refresh rate monitor, you would probably have noticed that scrolling looks way more impressive on it. Even just moving the cursor around looks way smoother. And that would be the experience you will be enjoying on the Samsung Galaxy S11.

Galaxy Note9
The Samsung Galaxy Note9

The Samsung Galaxy S11 may sport a 120 Hz AMOLED display, as Samsung accidentally revealed in the Android 10 beta for the Galaxy Note9. While the Galaxy Note9 does not support a 120 Hz refresh rate, it hints that upcoming devices will.

Samsung will also apparently give users the choice to switch between a fixed 120 Hz or 60 Hz refresh rate in One UI 2.0, or just let the Samsung Galaxy S11 decide what’s best to balance fluidity and battery life.

This may not be the first time we see a high refresh rate display in a smartphone, but this is definitely a first for Samsung. Which is quite the headscratcher because they are the suppliers for the 90 Hz AMOLED panel in the realme X2 Pro and 120 Hz AMOLED in the ROG Phone 2.

Samsung Galaxy S11 display may be a real gamechanger 23
Here’s hoping the Exynos 990 is more efficient!

One drawback of a 120 Hz display is battery drain, as the GPU now has to push out twice as many frames as compared to a standard 60 Hz configuration. Still, with upcoming smartphones expected to offer even more efficient chipsets and larger batteries, the difference in battery life will hopefully be minimal.

Pokdepinion: All the better to scroll through my timeline with!

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