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HUAWEI AppGallery to channel 100% revenue to developers with new Preferential Policy

HUAWEI AppGallery to channel 100% revenue to developers with new Preferential Policy

by Vyncent ChanMarch 8, 2020
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HUAWEI has been pushing for developers to offer more apps on the HUAWEI AppGallery, HUAWEI’s answer to Google’s Play Store. While HUAWEI has prepared a full suite of APIs in HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) that rival Google’s GMS, there are still many popular apps that aren’t available in the HUAWEI AppGallery. Maybe with the new Preferential Policy, things may change in HUAWEI’s favor.

The Chinese tech giant will be offering an incentive for developers publishing their apps on the AppGallery by channeling up to 100% of all revenue directly to the developers for the first year. As you might expect from the name of the policy, HUAWEI will be prioritizing certain apps. The breakdown can be seen as follows:

HUAWEI AppGallery Preferential Policy

Type of Apps Standard Revenue Sharing (HUAWEI : Developer) 1st Year Preferential Revenue Share (HUAWEI : Developer) 2nd Year Preferential Revenue Share (HUAWEI : Developer)
Education 20 : 80 0 : 100 10 : 90
Gaming 30 : 70 15 : 85 15 : 85
Media  and Entertainment, Tools, Communication, Books and References, Photography,  Food and Drink, Travel and Navigation, Travel and Accommodation, Shopping,  Business, Kids, Finance, Sports and Health, Lifestyle and Convenience, Cars,  and Personalized Themes. 30 : 70 0 : 100 15 : 85

Google takes a flat 30% of the revenue developers generate through Google Play, so HUAWEI’s preferential rates might motivate them to incorporate HMS into their apps. HUAWEI has claimed that the process is quite an easy one too.

huawei appgallery

For developers who are interested, you have until June 2020 to be eligible for this incentive. It is only applicable for developers who are based outside of China.

Have you tried using the HUAWEI AppGallery? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Pokdepinion: With the platform already seemingly quite well-equipped, hopefully this will entice more developers to adopt HMS.

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