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Samsung Tested Their QLED TV — Claims There’s No Burn-in And Afterglow

Samsung Tested Their QLED TV — Claims There’s No Burn-in And Afterglow

by Raja IdrisJuly 23, 2018
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Samsung have tested out their QLED TVs to prove that they are indeed free of burn-in and afterglow and to see if the displays stand up to required performance. 

Samsung Test QLED TV With Testlab

A lot of us have experienced the permanently ‘burnt-in’ image on our TV screen when having the TV turned on for a considerable amount of time. We all can agree that this can be an expensive and tricky issue to deal with. Well to assure their customers that their TV is worth the money, Samsung did a test with their 2018 QLED TV series.

The company teamed up with connect Testlab to carry out a certification test, which is based on the Information Display Measurements Standard (IDMS). It is an international norm for panel measurements, which focus specifically on QLED TV’s HDR content display quality.

It was proven that Samsng’s QLED TVs passes the test and received the certificate for ‘no burn-in’ and ‘no afterglow’. Tested out in a 72-hour endurance test, they performed measurements on Samsung QLED TVs to check their reputed burn-in effects, which may be caused by static picture elements.

In the test, they (the TVs) were made to display a checkerboard pattern for deep black and very bright white values for a long period of time. Finals results came in and it was proven that they were free of burn-in and afterglow.

Not to say that their QLED TVs are cheap, but if you’re wanting quality and TVs that’s been tested out (and also having the money!), you can check out Samsung’s lineup of QLED TV.

Pokdepinion: Well, it’s a good thing that they take their product seriously and did a test. What better way to assure of their customers that the product that they will be getting is of quality? I wish I had the money to even buy one though….

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