Photos of Apple iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C Apparently Leaked Online

Photos of Apple iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C Apparently Leaked Online

Images of an alleged Apple iPhone 15 Pro complete with a USB-C port has surfaced online. Get an early glimpse of it right here.

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C is Real?

Rumours have been circulating that Apple may finally adopt USB-C ports for its upcoming iPhone 15 series, and a recent leak seems to provide further evidence. Twitter user @URedditor shared a photo that is purportedly of the iPhone 15 Pro with a close-up of the USB-C port, which also shows what could be speaker grilles on both sides.

While there isn’t much else identifiable in the photo, it’s not surprising that Apple may finally embrace USB-C, given that the company has already adopted the port for its iPads and Macs. In fact, an existing iPhone model was even modified in 2021 to use USB-C, and an Apple executive confirmed that the company will be adopting the universal connector to comply with an EU ruling.

Photos of Apple iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C Apparently Leaked Online

The leaked photo also shows the edges of the device, which appear to be curved, suggesting a departure from the blocky design of previous iPhone models. It is also rumored that this year’s iPhone will feature a titanium frame, and this could potentially be seen in the photo as well.

However, it’s important to note that so little can be confirmed from just one image, and a clearer picture may emerge closer to the release of the iPhone 15 series later this year. Nonetheless, the possibility of a USB-C port on an Apple phone is an exciting prospect for those who have been waiting for the company to move away from its proprietary Lightning connector.


Pokdepinion: If there was ever a time to see a huge flock of people switching over to iPhone, this might just be the one. I mean, I’ve moved away from Android for a while but I haven’t been using cables since the move so I’m okay with it.

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