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Samsung working on a new GPU? Rumored for a Q3 2019 launch

Samsung working on a new GPU? Rumored for a Q3 2019 launch

by Vyncent ChanJuly 30, 2018
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They already have in-house custom ARM CPUs. They make the DDR4 RAM chips that everyone are clamoring for. They also have an in-house fabrication technologies. The next step is to apparently make their own GPUs.

Samsung’s latest hire is Dr. Chien-Ping Lu, the man behind NVIDIA’s nForce integrated graphics processors. For those out there who are too young, NVIDIA used to make Northbridge chipsets for both AMD and Intel CPUs. If you are too young to know what are Northbridges… well, good for you.

Samsung working on a new GPU? Rumored for a Q3 2019 launch 29

The man is apparently hired by Samsung to help complete a new in-house GPU IP by Samsung. Rumors point to the new GPU hitting the smartphone market, which would make more sense than targeting PCs, at least for now. It would be a big step for Samsung too, given that their Exynos has a massive lead in its CPU performance over Qualcomm’s designs, but falters when it comes to the GPU’s prowess. They already have custom CPU cores, thus a custom GPU does not seem too far off.

Until Samsung releases a finished product, we will just have to wait for the Korean giant to show their cards. And we don’t mean GPU cards. Or what if Samsung did make graphics cards?

Source: Digiworthy

Pokdepinion: Will this new GPU appear in the upcoming Galaxy X gaming phone?

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