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Qualcomm aptX Lossless Supposedly To Offer ‘CD-quality’ For Wireless Audio Devices

Qualcomm aptX Lossless Supposedly To Offer ‘CD-quality’ For Wireless Audio Devices

by Raja IdrisSeptember 2, 2021
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It appears that Qualcomm is confident that they’ve found the best solution for lossless audio for wireless devices with the new aptX Lossless, which is a part of their Snapdragon Sound Program which was revealed earlier in the year.

Qualcomm aptX Lossless

Qualcomm aptX Lossless

Qualcomm has said that the technology is able to stream CD-quality at 16-bit /44.1kHz lossless audio over Bluetooth. We could expect a device that features it as early as 2022.

If you are interested in using it, it appears that you will need to have your Android smartphone and audio device to support the feature.

They have revealed that Snapdragon Sound will detect a lossless audio source and play it at a higher data rates than previously with aptX HD. In terms of bandwidth, aptX Lossless can reach up to 1Mbps.

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Pokdepinion: While it may sound impressive (pun intended), I still think that you’d be better off with wired audio devices for quality assurance.. at least for now.

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