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Windows 11 Will Be Officially Available This October 2021

Windows 11 Will Be Officially Available This October 2021

by Aiman MaulanaSeptember 2, 2021
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As many of you may know by now, the Windows 11 OS will be coming but we never knew exactly when that’s happening…until now.

Windows 11 Coming 5th October 2021

Microsoft has officially announced the general release of their Windows 11 OS, and it will be happening starting 5th October 2021. From the aforementioned date, consumers can get new PCs pre-installed with the new OS, and it will also begin rolling out to eligible Windows 10 PCs as well.

It’s worth noting that there will be a priority for newer machines to get Windows 11 first over existing PCs. With that being said however, there is no mention if there is a specific gap between the launch and the roll out.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that your existing PC will need to meet specific criteria to be eligible for the upgrade. In face, Microsoft also mentioned that the availability of the Windows 11 update will also be dependent on several factors. The plus side here is that upgrading from Windows 10 will be free, and they expect all eligible machines to get it by mid-2022.

Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements

  • 1GHz or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor/SoC
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB or more storage
  • UEFI, Secure Boot capable
  • TPM 2.0
  • DirectX 12 graphics
  • >9″ HD (720p) display
  • Internet connection to setup Windows 11 Home

If your PC is ineligible for the upgrade, all hope isn’t lost yet. We’ve made a guide on what you can do to get your PC ready for the new OS, which you can read about by clicking right here.


Pokdepinion: Well, this is making me want to get a new PC. Maybe a new gaming laptop next year, we’ll see.

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