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[Computex 2024] Darkflash Showcases New Chassis & Cooling Products

[Computex 2024] Darkflash Showcases New Chassis & Cooling Products

by Low Boon ShenJune 5, 2024
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You may know Darkflash as a brand of budget cases here in Malaysia, and today we got to visit their Computex booth which features plenty of cases, cooling components, plus keyboards and monitors (though these aren’t available here in Malaysia). Here are a few things that you may see coming up in the store shelves – including a new AIO prototype.

A Darkflash Case From The 2050s

[Computex 2024] Darkflash Showcases New Chassis & Cooling Products 27

One of the highlights of the showcase is this custom-built, 3D-printed case called Darkflash 550A. The idea is that humanity will look a lot different in the 2050s, and a common sci-fi plot goes that humans may eventually put their brains into a hardware chip. That’s the design idea – and around the case you can see plenty of futuristic elements, including an onboard display that provides hardware monitoring. This concept case also integrates waterblocks, though in this demonstration an air-cooled setup is used instead.

[Computex 2024] Darkflash Showcases New Chassis & Cooling Products 32

Getting back to present time – or at least, near future – Darkflash does has something under active development. We were shown an unnamed prototype AIO cooler that features a magnetically-attached display connected via a USB-C cable, which connects to one of the internal headers. The shape is non-symmetrical to the AIO pump itself, and it allows the user to rotate the display in any orientation as they wish.

[Computex 2024] Darkflash Showcases New Chassis & Cooling Products 35

Other cases presented here includes the DY470, which features a 3-side glass panel layout (in this demo unit smoked glass is used, which keeps the parts well hidden if all the lighting is turned off); there’s also the DY450 (and the taller DY450L) that features three knobs to control things like monitoring, RGB, and fan speeds with no software involved – this is a good alternative for those who don’t like installing OEM software which often is said to drag down performance.

[Computex 2024] Darkflash Showcases New Chassis & Cooling Products 38

One more case worth mentioning is the Darkflash ARC3, which features a curved front glass panel that provides a mostly seamless view of the inside components. As seen here, the case also supports vertical GPU mounting, and that extra space created by the curve can be used to place some items for a bit of personal flair (or install an obscenely huge GPU, which supports up to 400mm in length).

Those currently in Taipei can visit the Darkflash booth at I0612, 1F, Nangang Exhibition Center (TaiNEX 1).

Pokdepinion: I like the idea of adjusting fan speeds with a single knob – sure, it’s not smart, but you have full control over noise vs cooling. 

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