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Cooler Master Unveils HAF 500 Mid Tower Case

Cooler Master Unveils HAF 500 Mid Tower Case

by Charlotte WuJune 20, 2022
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Cooler Master Launches HAF 500 Mid Tower Case For RM459

Cooler Master Unveils HAF 500 Mid Tower Case

The HAF 500, the newest version of Cooler Master’s HAF line with greater airflow performance, was released today. The new HAF 500 frame will be offered in black or white, with a redesigned visual style and support for the newest hardware.

With the HAF 500, the iconic High Air Flow (HAF) series is making a powerful comeback, with more models expected early this year. The HAF 500 features dual 200mm ARGB fans and massive mesh intakes, which are essential to the HAF series’ brand and function.

The mesh front panel and the removable top panel have large filtered intakes that allow airflow which keeps internal components at the right temperature. The top panel can be completely removed, allowing radiators and fans to be mounted externally and then reattached to the chassis for a more user-friendly construction.

For dedicated GPU cooling, the chassis has been modified with a rotatable 120mm SickleFlow fan to ensure maximum performance. The 120mm fan is mounted on top of the HDD cage and offers dedicated GPU cooling. Not only that, the GPU fan bracket may be rotated to fit different GPU sizes and setups.

The I/O panel has USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C support, which improves data transmission efficiency and versatility. Even the most demanding systems would not be held back because of the substantial space provided by the body, which can accommodate up to eight 120mm fans or dual 360mm radiators.

The screwless and tool-free tempered glass side panel design is held with pins for simple removal, allowing for tool-free access to the internals. To better fasten the tempered glass side panel, an extra screw can be inserted.

The Cooler Master HAF 500 will be available in Black and White, priced at RM459. For more information about the casing, feel free to visit Cooler Master’s official website.

Pokdepinion: The PC casing build looks sturdy and I like its clean design and compartments. I wonder will it be easy to arrange the wirings.

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