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AMD Ryzen 9000X3D Launching This September, Source Claims

AMD Ryzen 9000X3D Launching This September, Source Claims

by Low Boon ShenJune 11, 2024
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AMD’s 3D V-Cache variant of desktop processors are among the most hyped in recent times thanks to their impressive gaming performances, so when the chipmaker revealed the Ryzen 9000 series recently at Computex, it’s only natural to ask when would the X3D variants arrive. Turns out, pretty soon – if rumors are any indication.

AMD Ryzen 9000X3D Launching This September, Source Claims

AMD Bringing Ryzen 9000X3D Early?

This report comes from Club386, who cited “trustworthy” sources on the show floor claiming AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 9000X3D series will launch in this September, likely alongside the arrival of new AMD X870E motherboards. However, no indication has been observed on which SKU the chipmaker will first be revealed.

Keep in mind that the new Ryzen 9000X3D chips may be more than just slapping an extra layer of L3 cache on top of the silicon – at least according to AMD’s own words. In a quick chat with PC Gamer, AMD’s senior technical marketing manager Donny Woligroski said:

“The X3D stuff, we have a lot to say about it. The best part about it is we’re not just resting on laurels. We’re improving what we can do with X3D, it’s really exciting and I’m super looking forward to talking to people about that […] It’s not like, hey, we’ve also added X3D to a chip. We are working actively on really cool differentiators to make it even better. We’re working on X3D, we’re improving it.”

One can safely guess why AMD may decide to launch the new family of processors relatively early compared to previous releases. Intel is set to launch its latest offering in the form of Arrow Lake by Q4 2024, and getting a head start may give Team Red ample time to market its new chips as the new fastest CPUs on the market, at least until Arrow Lake proves otherwise.

Pokdepinion: Christmas might arrive early for PC gamers this year. 

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