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Intel announces the Cascade Lake-X CPUs — up to 50% more affordable than last-gen!

Intel announces the Cascade Lake-X CPUs — up to 50% more affordable than last-gen!

by Vyncent ChanOctober 2, 2019
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Just when you thought Intel has given up on fighting the bang-for-buck battle, in comes the Cascade Lake-X processors. The new Intel Cascade Lake-X HEDT processors are cheaper by up to 50% as compared to the 9th Gen Intel Skylake-X chips.

Intel announces the Cascade Lake-X CPUs — up to 50% more affordable than last-gen! 22

In addition to the more affordable prices, Intel also threw in support for faster DDR4-2933 RAM, higher clocks and also more PCIe lanes across the board. All the new Intel HEDT processors tout 48 PCIe 3.0 lanes. That’s four more than their respective predecessors, although it is still a far cry from AMD’s Threadripper class-leading 64 PCIe lanes.

Intel Cascade Lake X Series Specs

Cores/ThreadsBase/Boost clocksCacheCPU PCIe 3.0 lanesTDPPrice
Core i9 10980XE18C/36T3.0 / 4.8 GHz24.75MB48165W$979 (~RM4102)
Core i9 9980XE18C/36T3.0 / 4.5 GHz24.75MB44165W$1979 (~RM8292)
Core i9 9960X16C/32T3.1 / 4.5 GHz22MB44165W $1684 (~RM7056)
Core i9 10940X14C/28T3.3 / 4.8 GHz19.25MB48165W $784 (~RM3285)
Core i9 9940X14C/28T3.3 / 4.5 GHz19.25MB44165W $1387 (~RM5812)
Core i9 10920X12C/24T3.5 / 4.8 GHz19.25MB48165W $689 (~RM2887)
Core i9 9920X12C/24T3.5 / 4.5 GHz19.25MB 44165W $1189 (~RM4982)
Core i9 10900X10C/20T3.7 / 4.7 GHz19.25MB 48165W $590 (~RM2472)
Core i9 9900X10C/20T3.5 / 4.5 GHz19.25MB 44165W $989 (~RM4144)
Core i9 9820X10C/20T3.3 / 4.2 GHz16.5MB 44165W$889 (~RM3725)
Core i7 9800X8C/16T3.8 / 4.5 GHz16.5MB44165W$589 (~RM2468)

*italicized SKUs are 9th Gen Core X-series offerings

Intel will still be making the Cascade Lake-X chips based on the Skylake architecture, which also means an older 14nm manufacturing process. However thanks to the optimizations over time, most of the 10th Gen Intel Core X-series processors can boost up to 4.8 GHz with Turbo Boost 3.0.

Intel also implemented Deep Learning Boost on the new HEDT processors, promising up to 2x faster performance in AI-related tasks like image tagging. There’s also support for Intel’s Performance Maximizer, making overclocking them as painless an affair as possible.

Intel announces the Cascade Lake-X CPUs — up to 50% more affordable than last-gen! 23

I think the biggest improvement with Cascade Lake-X is definitely the value proposition. For the same amount of money you would have to fork out to get the 8C/16T Core i7 9800X last year, you can now afford the 10C/20T Core i9 10900X. A more drastic comparison would be the flagship 18C/36T Core i9 10980XE being more affordable than the 10C/20T Core i9 9900X.

With that said, I believe those who are considering the new Intel Core HEDT processors would definitely be taking their time to compare them to the upcoming 3rd Gen AMD Threadripper processors as well. With both giants expected to launch their latest HEDT processors in November 2019, we can expect for some serious competition going on.

Pokdepinion: Seems like a nice deal, especially if you are upgrading within the X299 platform.

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