Intel Core i9-13900KS Performance Allegedly Leaked Out

Aiman Maulana
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Supposed benchmark leaks of the Intel Core i9-13900KS have apparently leaked out, which gives us an idea of what to expect from the CPU.

Intel Core i9-13900KS Leak

According to information that surfaced online recently, the Intel Core i9-13900KS CPU is expected to have 24 cores and 42 threads consisting of 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores, with two of those P-Cores going as high as 6GHz. It is also expected to have an increased TDP of 150W, compared to the standard 125W of the current 13900K.

Leaked benchmark data courtesy of Twitter user chi11eddog shows the CPU getting a single core score of 2,366 and a multi-core score of 40,998 in Cinebench R23. These scores show about a 5% improvement compared to the 13900K’s scores of 2243 and 39,689 respectively.

Intel Core i9-13900KS Performance Allegedly Leaked Out

It is important to note that the leaked performance results for the Intel Core i9-13900KS CPU are not official and should be taken with a grain of salt. There is a chance the final product would see higher performance. Intel has said that its overclocking team was able to push the processor to run at 8GHz on all cores using liquid nitrogen, but this is not representative of normal usage.

For now, rumours are pointing towards the Intel Core i9-13900KS CPU potentially launching on 12th January 2023, roughly a week after CES 2023.


Pokdepinion: If the data is accurate, the performance difference is minimal at best so I’m sure it would roughly translate to the same levels across a number of apps and games.

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