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CES 2021: ASUS ProArt Display PA148CTV sports ASUS Dial for easy content creation on the go

CES 2021: ASUS ProArt Display PA148CTV sports ASUS Dial for easy content creation on the go

by Vyncent ChanJanuary 14, 2021
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The ASUS ProArt brand is synonymous with high quality, premium displays directed towards content creators. ASUS is now expanding that brand into the portable display segment with the ASUS ProArt Display PA148CTV, offering serious content creators the ability to enjoy the ProArt series’ renowned color accuracy anywhere they go.

The 14″ FHD IPS panel on the ASUS ProArt PA148CTV is Calman Verified and factory pre-calibrated to offer Delta E < 2 color accuracy. The panel is capable of 100% sRGB and Rec.709 color to satisfy the needs of content creators. The exceptional color accuracy is also backed by the ProArt Preset software to quickly adjust the color gamut, while the ProArt Palette takes care of various other display parameters.

An additional layer of control with ASUS Dial

ProArt Display PA148CTV ASUS Dial

But what truly differentiates the ASUS ProArt PA148CTV from any other portable display in the market is the ASUS Dial. This allows users to use a physical wheel in compatible Adobe software. Any software that supports the Microsoft Surface Dial can also take advantage of the ASUS Dial, opening up avenues for more intuitive adjustments. On top of that, the ASUS Control Panel introduced with the ASUS ZenBook Duo is also usable with the ASUS ProArt PA148CTV for even greater convenience in compatible Adobe software.

ProArt Display PA148CTV ASUS Control Panel

To facilitate the use of the ASUS Control Panel, the ASUS ProArt PA148CTV supports 10-point multi-touch functionality. The display sports an anti-glare film as well, to prevent reflections and unsightly smudges from distracting the user. It will support USB-C for both power and display input, as well micro HDMI for older systems.

There’s a tripod socket for you to mount it to a tripod or a camera as a monitor, and there’s an adjustable metal kickstand to prop it up when you are using it on a desk. You can use it in both portrait or landscape orientations, depending on your needs. To make it easier to carry around, the ProArt PA148CTV will come with a leather sleeve.

Availability and pricing in Malaysia has yet to be confirmed, but stay tuned as we do think that this will be quite an indispensable tool for content creators!

Pokdepinion: Imagine pairing this with the ASUS ZenBook Duo laptops… Triple display on the go!

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