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Here’s why your next hardware upgrade should be this curved gaming monitor

Here’s why your next hardware upgrade should be this curved gaming monitor

by Vyncent ChanSeptember 23, 2019
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Gaming monitors are aplenty in the market. But just like any piece of hardware, slapping “gaming” on it doesn’t make it great for gaming. Here’s a gaming monitor that we believe is truly worth your while, the ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD. We have just recently reviewed the monitor, and we strongly recommend it for gamers. Why do we recommend this monitor for gaming? Well, let’s go through the features on offer here.

144 Hz of fluidity

For starters, the ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD is one of the most affordable 144 Hz monitors in the market. A higher refresh rate means that you will enjoy a clearer view of fast-moving objects on screen, rather than having to endure blur when the action is displayed by regular 60 Hz displays.

There’s also FreeSync support, which means that the ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD will work great with both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. NVIDIA’s recent support for G-SYNC Compatible allows NVIDIA’s graphics cards to support adaptive refresh rate on FreeSync monitors too, offering smooth, fluid gaming even when your frame rates dip.

1ms response times

Gaming monitors are pretty much all about speed. You want that high refresh rate as mentioned earlier, and you would also want fast response times so you don’t suffer from ghosting. Ghosting happens when your display’s pixels don’t change fast enough, so you have an after image for fast moving objects. The ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD touts a 1ms response time, which is about as fast as it gets. You need a monitor that’s as fast as you are, and this monitor is up to task.

Curvy goodness

Curved monitors aren’t suitable for designers simply because of how it warps their perception. But they are very suitable for gamers, because of how it improves your immersion. But that’s probably not really the most important factor when choosing a curved monitor. Curved monitors have actually been shown in a study to reduce eye strain as compared to flat monitors.

Less eye strain means that you can use your PC comfortably for longer. More time to game, yay! The ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD touts a blue light filter too, making it even more comfortable to use for extended periods. After all, we all know that “one more game” doesn’t mean that.

All that without breaking the bank?

While the ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD touts all that you need for gaming, it is really quite affordable. It will be available for just RM599 from now until 6th October, as part of a promotional offer. What you get is a very capable monitor without having to wreck your wallet. What’s not to love with that? If 24″ isn’t enough for you, ViewSonic also offers the 27″ VX2758-C-MH and the 32″ ViewSonic VX3258-2KC-MHD. You can check out the ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD on Lazada here.

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