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AMD Confirms Radeon Anti-Lag+ Is Returning Soon

AMD Confirms Radeon Anti-Lag+ Is Returning Soon

by Low Boon ShenFebruary 16, 2024
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AMD Confirms Radeon Anti-Lag+ Is Returning Soon

AMD Confirms Radeon Anti-Lag+ Is Returning

Last September, AMD introduced the Anti-Lag+ for its Radeon RX 7000 series GPUs, as a step-up feature on top of the standard Anti-Lag offered on most AMD hardware.

Shortly after, it was met with technical issues causing VAC (Valve Anti-cheat) bans on Counter-Strike 2, as the feature involves manipulating the game code to improve frame sync, which triggered the system and caused some players to get banned as a result. AMD quickly delivered a driver update to disable the feature until further notice, and the company is signaling the work is almost complete, according to Frank Azor.

AMD Confirms Radeon Anti-Lag+ Is Returning Soon 27

The AMD Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions & Marketing has replied on a Twitter (X) post regarding an inquiry about the feature’s status which hasn’t received any announcements since the disablement. To that, he replied with a simple answer: “Yes, coming soon.”

Nothing else has been provided aside from this short reply, so it’s unclear if the re-introduction may implement a different approach to reducing input latency. NVIDIA’s equivalent Reflex feature does not involve “code injection”, which is a common technique among cheating tools to perform modifications to the game, hence it wasn’t involved in any false alarm incidents on the VAC when AMD’s solution was affected at the time.

For now, anyone on the Adrenalin Driver 23.10.2 and above will not see the Anti-Lag+ option present in AMD Software, although one should expect it to return via a future driver update. Anyone on the Adrenalin Driver 23.10.1 is advised to either update the driver or disable Anti-Lag+ in the meantime to avoid accidental account bans in multiplayer games.

Source: Videocardz

Pokdepinion: That’s good news at least. Hopefully it returns sooner than later. 

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