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Kingston Releases New NV1 NVMe PCIe SSD

Kingston Releases New NV1 NVMe PCIe SSD

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieMay 6, 2021
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Kingston has just announced the new entry-level NV1 NVMe PCIe SSD. It features efficient performance in a single-sided M.2 design which Kingston says makes the NV1 the ideal entry-level drive for first-time NVMe users with laptops and small form factor PCs.

Kingston’s new NV1 NVMe PCIe SSD perfect for first-timers

Kingston Releases New NV1 NVMe PCIe SSD 24

The NV1 NVMe PCIe SSD features read/write speeds up to 2,100/1,700MB/s, respectively with capacities of up to 2TB. The NV1 consumes less power, produces less heat, and loads data faster, making it suitable for users who value responsiveness and ultra-fast data access but have limited device space. The NV1 is available in capacities of 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB and comes with a three-year limited warranty, free tech support, and legendary Kingston reliability.

The pricing of the new NV1 NVMe PCIe SSDs are as follows:

  • 500GB (Part Number: SNVS/500G) retails for RM269
  • 1TB (Part Number: SNVS/1000G) retails for RM489
  • 2TB (Part Number: SNVS/2000G) retails for RM939

That’s not all as Kingston will be holding a special 2021 Summer Sale that will start from 6 May to 18 June. During the sale, customers will receive a refillable sanitiser spray plus the Kingston x CSD facemask (1pc) with any purchase of 480GB and above SSD (including NV1 and KC600 mSATA). For more info, do check out Kingston’s official Facebook page right here.

Pokdepinion: Kingston’s new NV1 NVMe PCIe SSD looks pretty interesting IMHO. It’s got a good price and pretty great specs. Hopefully, it’ll be easy to find when it releases because times are pretty crazy right now and people are just snatching things up left and right.

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