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‘Semua Boleh Setel’ Year-End Campaign Offers Up To 10% Cashback

‘Semua Boleh Setel’ Year-End Campaign Offers Up To 10% Cashback

by Low Boon ShenNovember 28, 2023
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‘Semua Boleh Setel’ Year-End Campaign Offers Up To 10% Cashback

'Semua Boleh Setel' Year-End Campaign Offers Up To 10% Cashback On Select Brands

Setel is offering its customers a year-end campaign titled ‘Semua Boleh Setel’, where customers can enjoy up to 10% cashback on select brands. For other transactions including retail stores, parking, road tax, and 24/7 auto assistance services, customers can still get a 3% cashback on these categories. The campaign will run until 12 January 2024.

“Setel has achieved a significant milestone by enabling cashless transactions at over 1.6 million retail outlets and addressing diverse vehicle needs beyond fuel,” said Mazlin Erawati Ab Manan, CEO of Setel. “Today, we are excited to embark on a celebratory ‘Semua Boleh Setel’ campaign in collaboration with our valued strategic partners. This initiative aims to treat our users to enticing cashback promotions, marking another stride in our overarching mission to foster inclusive mobility.”

The following brands are eligible for 10% cashback (capped at RM5 per month) with transactions through the app:

  • Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad (MYDIN)
  • Village Grocer
  • PLUS R&R
  • Ben’s Independent Grocer
  • Pasaraya OTK
  • Kopitiam Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd (OldTown White Coffee)
  • Loob Holding (Tealive)
  • Chatime
  • Pasta Panas
  • Café Mesra
  • Bake With Yen
  • BSC Fine Foods
  • Leisure Grocer
  • redBus

Other cashback programs include:

  1. Up to RM300 cashback for motor takaful/insurance: Receive up to 10% cashback on every motor takaful or insurance policy purchased, capped at RM300. No minimum spend required on the insurance policy for eligibility.
  2. 50% cashback for parking: Users can earn 50% cashback, capped at RM2 per transaction, and redeem this benefit up to 3 times per customer throughout the campaign period. This enticing deal is a perfect opportunity for both new and existing Setel users who are new to parking services.
  3. RM20 cashback for car battery: Have a vehicle breakdown and need an emergency battery change? Just use Setel to get a quick battery replacement and get RM20 cashback.
  4. 3% cashback for payments beyond fuel: From 1 November 2023 to 31 December 2023, Setel users can earn 3% cashback, capped at RM5 per month, when using Setel for parking, road tax, EV charging, auto assistance, or payments at retail and online stores.
  5. Up to RM800 cashback for buying or selling a car: From 1 November to 31 December 2023, get RM350 Setel cashback for selling a car via myTukar and RM450 Setel cashback for purchasing a car through myTukar.
  6. Up to 3x Mesra points for Fuel: Enjoy up to 3x Mesra points for every 1 litre of fuel purchased. Unlock new levels to go from 1.5x points, 2x points and up to 3x points!
  7. 3x Mesra points for Kedai Mesra & Deliver2Me: From 1 November 2023 to 31 December 2023, get 3x Mesra points for every RM1 spent with a maximum of 500 points per month and a minimum transaction amount of RM1.

To get started, simply download the app from your platform of choice.

Pokdepinion: Lots of money to save, take notes!

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