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Celcom Sees Growth In Q1 2021 Report

Celcom Sees Growth In Q1 2021 Report

by Raja IdrisMay 28, 2021
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Celcom has today unveiled their growth momentum into the first quarter of FY21 with positive performance across core revenue segments, coming with 317,000 QoQ increase in their subscriber base.

Celcom sees growth in Q1 2021

Celcom Q1 2021

The telco company revealed that in the 1st quarter of FY2021, they’ve recorded an improved operational profitability together with growing revenue as well as a strong market momentum where they’ve added more than 1 million subscribers over the last 12 months.

Aside from that, they’ve recorded a YoY profit combined with revenue growth of RM84 million (+5.4%), EBITDA improved YoY with RM142 million (+27.6%).

In terms of customer base, prepaid subscribers has increased 893,000 (+17.7%) subscriber growth, primarily coming from Celcom Xpax Truly Unlimited Plan. As for postpaid customers, they’ve increased by 120,000 users (4.1% YoY).

As you might have read before, previously we’ve reported that Celcom is working on upgrading their network infrastructure in the country. Read more on that right here. The company has recently partnered up with Allo in expanding their home connectivity services.

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Pokdepinion: In the pandemic, people are more than ever reliant towards telco companies. It’s good to see that Celcom is doing well so far.

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