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Understanding Warranties And How It Works

Understanding Warranties And How It Works

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieAugust 24, 2020
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I’m pretty sure everyone has gone through the process of claiming some sort of warranty for their devices. Albeit for their phones, home electronics or their PCs. But what exactly is a warranty? What does it do? A lot of people have a general idea of what warranties are and what they entail but not everyone truly understands it. Here we try to explain what warranties are and what they do as well as the different types of warranties out there.

What is a warranty?

To put it simply, warranties are a promise or guarantee of some sort of repair or maintenance of a purchased product or goods by the seller or the product manufacturer. Most of the time the warranties include offering a refund or a one to one replacement of a faulty product or goods. However, terms of a warranty can be set differently depending on the seller or manufacturer, so depending on which product or goods you purchase, the details of the warranty will differ. Case in point is ASUS’ Perfect Warranty Service which offers better warranty coverage than most other warranties.

ASUS Perfect Warranty

ASUS’ Perfect Warranty Service

Types of warranties

Personal Warranty

Personal Warranties

Personal warranties are warranties provided by an individual seller. This type of warranty is typically offered by small sellers you’d find on commercial platforms such as Carousell or as well as small shop stalls. Warranty specifics are all set by the seller and unless exact terms are not detailed in writing, it will be very difficult to enforce.

Manufacturer/Factory Warranty

Manufacturer warranty

A manufacturer warranty or sometimes known as factory warranty is a warranty that usually pertains to parts of a product that breaks down or malfunctions due to a factory defect. A lot of times these sort of warranties come with big electronics like home appliances or vehicles. For vehicles that are bought secondhand, they won’t be able to claim manufacturer warranty unless the vehicle’s ownership has been fully transferred over to the new owner.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are what the name suggests, an extension of a product’s original warranty period. These are usually extra and can be bought separately. You can normally see this in appliance stores such as Harvey Norman where they will ask their customer if they’d like to add on extended warranty for their purchased product.

Full Warranty

Understanding Warranties And How It Works 18

Full warranty fully covers the repair or replacement of any defect of a purchased product. This type of warranty is usually seen with products such as computers or PC components. Usually, this will be settled through the mail or a private courier. Another thing of note is that full warranties generally won’t cover a product’s normal wear and tear. Basically, if you bought a cat and the cat gets damaged, they’ll replace it with another cat.

Limited/Conditional Warranty

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Limited or conditional warranties cover only a specific part of the product. Oftentimes, these sort of warranties covers just technical defects or failures and not failures borne by a consumer’s actions. So if you drop your phone into a body of water or onto the hard floor and it gets damaged then chances are your warranty won’t cover it.

How you can avoid problems with your warranty

Understanding Warranties And How It Works 20

You should read and understand in full of your product’s warranty. Don’t be afraid of asking the seller for the full warranty details and taking the time to go through everything before making the jump and purchase the product. After you’ve bought the product, it’s best to keep a record of the warranty somewhere easy for you to access should you need to do so. This includes physical copies as well as soft copies that you store online.

Furthermore, it is also advisable to keep the purchased product’s proof of purchase such as the receipt together with the record of its warranty. This is crucial as it helps you keep track of the date your product was purchased as well as being proof that you are the owner of the purchased product.

Hope this helps in explaining what warranties are and what they do. For more tech news and other tips and tricks, stay tuned to

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