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Xiaomi MiTalk revived to fill void created by Clubhouse ban in China

Xiaomi MiTalk revived to fill void created by Clubhouse ban in China

by Vyncent ChanMarch 2, 2021
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Xiaomi has revived their MiTalk app, after shutting it down due to poor reception in China where the main go-to messaging app is WeChat. The original functionality of MiTalk is pretty similar to the now ubiquitous messaging app, letting users chat, send files, make audio and video calls, among other features. Now, it has been revived with Clubhouse-like features.

The new MiTalk serves as a social audio chat platform for professionals, with the Chinese name 举手, or literally “raise your hand.” It emulates Clubhouse in pretty much every way as a voice-only platform where discussions can occur and users can “raise their hands” to be recognized by room moderators, letting you ask questions or take over the floor.

MiTalk is currently an invite-only platform, yet another area where they are eerily similar to Clubhouse. It appears that Xiaomi doesn’t have plans to expand to the global market just yet, as the app isn’t available on the Play Store at the time of writing.

Clubhouse was banned in the Communist state a few weeks ago, after users starting using the platform to discuss controversial topics.


Pokdepinion: Well, I don’t see why a platform that’s non-exclusive to iOS users shouldn’t exist… But of course, the question of privacy remains, with MiTalk being a China-based app, especially given how the Chinese government knew what people were discussing in Clubhouse.

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