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Magisk developer joins Android Platform Security team at Google

Magisk developer joins Android Platform Security team at Google

by Vyncent ChanMay 18, 2021
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Pretty much every Android enthusiast would have heard of Magisk. The open source utility to root devices, manage superuser permission and modding framework might be considered a risk to security by some, but John Wu, the developer of Magisk, is now a part of the Android Platform Security Team at Google.

You might think that John Wu will not be allowed to continue working on Magisk, considering that it might be a conflict of interest. However he has announced on his Twitter that he will be allowed to continue working on existing projects, which is pretty cool of Google.

It is quite understandable that he would get a job on the team, considering that developing and updating Magisk would have required in-depth knowledge of Android security and other features anyway. Having someone who’s that experienced at circumventing the security measures Android has put in place might proof beneficial for Google to bolster Android’s security.

The Android Platform Security Team that John Wu will be joining is responsible for working on identifying and patching Android’s vulnerabilities.


Pokdepinion: Maybe the team will work with John Wu to make Magisk more secure while still offering the flexibility enthusiasts want?

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