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Windows 11 will support sideloaded Android APKs

Windows 11 will support sideloaded Android APKs

by Vyncent ChanJune 29, 2021
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One of the many concerns with Windows 11 Android app support is that it will be limited to apps downloaded from the Amazon Appstore. Last weekend a Microsoft employee replied that Windows 11 will be able to run sideloaded apps as well, which is something that many were waiting for.

Being limited to the Amazon Appstore is definitely not ideal, with the Google Play Store being the leading platform for developers to publish their apps on. But there are plenty of app stores like APKPure and UpToDown that offer the APKs to sideload apps, and that’s a workaround many Android smartphones without Google have used to get the necessary apps outside the Play Store.

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It is nice to see this sort of support from Microsoft, as it would quite possibly mean that installing Android apps with .apk files will be similar to installing Windows apps via .exe files. You aren’t limited to just the Android apps from the sanctioned Amazon Appstore, just like how you aren’t only able to install Windows apps from the Microsoft Store.

Of course, in terms of security, being able to sideload apps is definitely a concern, but I guess that’s a risk that’s on you, instead of Microsoft.

Pokdepinion: Now I wonder if we will see a GMS workaround on Windows 11.

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