Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are all down

Vyncent Chan
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Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are all down

It seems that Facebook is facing a severe outage, with all of their services down. Aside from Facebook itself, even WhatsApp and Instagram are currently down for most users around the world. It seems that Facebook is aware of their issues, with the official Twitter accounts for WhatsApp and Instagram mentioning that they are currently working on the issue.

Obviously they have to go to Twitter to mention this, or else they wouldn’t have any other channel to do so. Luckily Facebook has not acquired Twitter, eh? In any case, the issues that are affecting Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram doesn’t seem to be localized to any one region, with everyone from the US to even us here in Malaysia facing disruption with our favorite social media apps.

The issues appears to have started around an hour ago, with Downdetector’s data showing a major influx of reports starting at about 11.38pm. With both Instagram and WhatsApp’s Twitter accounts tweeting about it, I believe that this is a pretty major issue that’s affecting them, so much so that they can’t just quietly fix the issue and move on.

[UPDATE 9.35am] Facebook is back online

It seems that Facebook mentioned that they are coming back online at 6.33am, although there has been reports of some users still facing issues with certain services on Downdetector.

Pokdepinion: Well, I guess it is a great time to just go to bed then?

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