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How To Avoid Being Scammed Online

How To Avoid Being Scammed Online

by Raja IdrisMay 12, 2022
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In today’s world, buying something from a seller over the web isn’t uncommon. However, do you ever get the feeling that the person that you’re purchasing from seems suspicious and you can’t seem to confirm their validity? Here’s some tips if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

Avoiding Online Scammers

How To Avoid Being Scammed Online 32

If you didn’t know, the CCID (Commercial Crime Investigation Department) of Malaysia has their very own website which allows you to take preventive measures from potential scammers.

There, you can simply check on the person that you’re planning on transferring money to, to verify their authenticity. How exactly do they do it? They (CCID) can check the account and phone number to see whether they have any form of criminal records on their database.

This would at least assure you that you won’t be transferring money to a proven scammer and save you from trouble. You can access the website by clicking right here.

Prefer to check on your smartphone instead? They do have a mobile app for it and it’s available on the Google Play Store. The app, which is called Semak Mule CCID, can be used on Android 9.0 Pie devices and above, and you will require 6.1MB of space to download the app.

Should you be purchasing from Facebook, especially if it’s from a Facebook group, you could ask for other members of the group to vouch for the person, just in case you need that extra source of security.

It’s never nice to see people become victims of these scammers. Let’s just hope that with this, we can do something about it, even if it’s a small amount.

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