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Son Kills His Parents Simply Because Of Anime

Son Kills His Parents Simply Because Of Anime

by Raja IdrisJuly 28, 2021
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If you’re reading this, yes, that’s exactly what happened. A man over in Japan has killed his elderly parents. The reason? Well it was simply because of anime.

Son kills parents due to anime disturbance

Japanese son kills parents

Matsumoto’s house – Photo source: Fukuoka TNC News

The incident happened in Fukuoka, Japan, where a 59-year old man is in police custody for the murder of his elder parents, ages 87 and 88 respectively. What made the matter worst is the reason behind his action: anime.

The man, who’s named Junji Matsumoto, acted as his parents’ caregiver. He has said “It was bothersome that whenever I watched anime, my parents interrupted me. I couldn’t stand it”.

All three of them lived together where the parents needed wheelchairs to get around. It is reported that Matsumoto killed his parents after his father asked for help in getting to the toilet. “During a good scene in an anime, my father repeatedly called for me to take care of him. Because he complained about me, I killed him” said Matsumoto. He then carried on to kill his mother afterwards.

He immediately left the house and roamed the country. On the 5th of July, he was finally captured in a hotel parking lot in Kyoto and he has admitted to the murder of his parents.


Pokdepinion: It is a sad day indeed. No matter what the circumstance is, you never do acts like that, especially to those who raised you up. Anime is just anime, it will stay there for you to watch later.

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