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Best Postpaid Plans In Malaysia: Our Picks

Best Postpaid Plans In Malaysia: Our Picks

by Low Boon ShenApril 9, 2024
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Best Postpaid Plans In Malaysia: Our Picks

Previously in this two-part series, we discussed why people may choose prepaid telco plans over postpaid – and it mainly comes down to flexibility for the users. But what if you just don’t like to worry about these limits, numbers, and whatnot? That’s where postpaid comes in: you use it as your day demands it, and most of them often come with very few restrictions getting in the way. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist – think FUP (Fair Usage Policy), which is often hidden from plain sight.

In this second part, we’ll focus on the best postpaid plans you can get in Malaysia, and find out what hidden limits or bundled bonuses that you might want to pay attention to. Keep in mind that postpaid plans usually come with an initial upfront charge that matches the monthly cost of the plans involved (which will be used to cover the first month of the plan).

The Budget Option

redONE Amazing8

Best Postpaid Plans In Malaysia: Our Picks

Contract length: None (24-month if using a premium number)
Price: RM8/month (subject to SST charges)
Max speed: Unlimited
Quota: 2GB (add-ons available)

+ Cheapest postpaid option available
+ Great for light users
– Quota needs to be carefully managed

If you want the absolute cheapest postpaid mobile plan there is to exist in Malaysia, look no further than the redONE Amazing8 postpaid plan. It’s cheaper than pretty much all of the monthly prepaid plans available, but the massive cut-down in cost means you’ll have to live with a pretty restrictive amount of quota. However, you can always purchase add-ons if you need more than that.

If you’re a frequent user of mobile data, this is not for you; but if you’re the one that just doesn’t rely on mobile data except for the off days that you need it, or you’re in an environment where Wi-Fi (fiber internet) perfectly covers all your bases, this is a good option to act as a backup.

The Best-Value Option

Yes Power 35

Best Postpaid Plans In Malaysia: Our Picks 31

Contract length: None
Price: RM35/month
Max speed: Unlimited
Quota: 150GB standard quota, shared with hotspot

+ No contract required
+ Lots of quota available for the price
+ No hotspot-specific quota limits

If you’re more of a 5G-over-Wi-Fi kind of person, the Yes Power 35 plan is, in our opinion, the best value option that you can get. For the price, it provides a very generous amount of quota as far as a single user is concerned (assuming you’re not using it to download Call of Duty), and you have no additional limits for hotspots if you want to hook it up to a laptop. While this is a postpaid plan by nature, Yes simply offers it as a no-contract option – so you don’t have to worry about termination fees.

The Family-Friendly Option

CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G 160 + Family Plus
(Principal line + supplementary line)

Best Postpaid Plans In Malaysia: Our Picks 32

Contract length: Optional, discounts available for 12, 24, and 36-month contracts
Price: RM150+25/month (discounts applied, 12-month contract)
Max speed: 500Mbps (300Mbps for supplementary lines)
Quota: 1,000GB FUP
Supplementary lines: Up to 6

+ Contracts are optional, suitable for those who want further add-ons (i.e. smartphones)
+ Huge 1,000GB FUP quota
+ 300GB hotspot quota via principal line

For families, there are quite a lot of options out there, some even offering free smartphones as part of the contract plans. However, we think that the CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G 160 postpaid plan along with the CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G Family Plus supplementary line is the best combination to get the best value in terms of speed, usage quota, and scalability.

The combined price of RM175/month assumes a 12-month contract – if you don’t want a contract sticking along, it’ll be RM185/month (RM160 for the principal line). Under this package, the supplementary lines get a 50% discount, which cuts the price of the RM50 mid-range family option down to just RM25/month. You’re also eligible for a 50% discount for add-on roaming plans under this plan.

The Travellers’ Option

U Mobile U Postpaid 98

Best Postpaid Plans In Malaysia: Our Picks 33

Contract length: None
Price: RM98/month
Max speed: Unlimited
Quota: 1,000GB standard quota, shared with hotspot

+ 15GB/month roaming quota included in-price for 63 countries worldwide
+ Huge 1,000GB quota
+ Free incoming calls

If you’re a businessperson frequently on the move across many countries, the U Mobile U Postpaid 98 offers a unique feature: it allows free 15GB/month access within 63 overseas regions which is often an add-on option from other telco providers. For times when you’re working within Malaysian borders, the plan offers a huge 1,000GB quota with uncapped speeds for a relatively premium price of RM98/month – not cheap, but if you need the roaming data abroad, this is what we think the best you can get.


While most people associate postpaid plans with long contracts that can be pretty limiting for some, the fact is today the market offers plenty of options, including some pretty decent zero-commitment options. Most telcos have instead chosen to offer benefits such as free (or heavily discounted) smartphones as part of the contract deal to attract buyers, in which case, it can be great for those who don’t mind the contract while getting a deal out of both the internet and the smartphone all at once.

For the most part, postpaid still has its strengths, and that often comes in the generous amounts of quota given to users. For the same price, prepaid users don’t get as much data – but they do have the better flexibility that they can pick weekly or even daily plans if that’s what they only need. For that, you can head to Part 1 of this two-part series to see what are the best prepaid options to get in Malaysia today.

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