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GIG Speed internet – What do you do with it?

GIG Speed internet – What do you do with it?

by Super DaddyOctober 22, 2018
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With the national call for “double the speed, half the price” broadband, we were anxiously waiting to see which ISP would truly raise the bar for us Malaysians.  Enter gig speed Internet. What do you even do with it, you ask? I can think of a million things but here are just a few.

Download games in mere minutes

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has just been launched. The game requires a download of more than 60GB. On a conventional fast internet, you could typically initiate the downloading of the 60GB package before the game launches, and waste electricity just waiting for the game to finish downloading. With 1 Gbps, you will have to wait for less than 10 minutes before you can enter the game and frag. Use anything slower? It comes at the cost of your precious time (no pun intended).

Upload and download from the cloud faster than a USB connection

A USB 2.0 connection tops out at 480 Mbps. That’s before accounting for the overhead that USB communication requires. With a 1 Gbps internet connection, you would be pushing at the limits of your device’s WiFi limitations. Some on Wi-Fi which is as fast as the USB 2.0. Connecting devices on LAN will allow you to reach up to 970 Mbps which is twice of the USB 2.0 transfer speed. You can literally upload bulk of your images to the cloud and redownload it from your PC faster than you can transfer it over USB 2.0 using this.

Backing up to the cloud takes on a whole new meaning as you can upload faster than you can write to most 5400 rpm hard drives. In essence, it would be faster to upload to cloud services than backing it up to an external hard drive. And you won’t have to worry about whether your drive is nearing the end of its lifespan, or if you forgot to bring it and you had to access some files on it. Those are problems for the older generation, not the 1 Gbps generation.

Let everyone in your family stream 4K content

Netflix recommends a minimum bandwidth of 25 Mbps for 4K streaming. That’s like the bare minimum you need to get an acceptable 4K experience on Netflix. And of course, that’s only possible if you don’t have anything else connected to the network. Your PC starts downloading an update? Say hello to lags and stutters.

Now that’s for a single user. Netflix allows you to have up to 4 users on the shared account. Scale it across your family and you will know why even 100 Mbps won’t be enough. With 1 Gbps, your experience won’t be hindered at all. You can run downloads, watch 4K Netflix and still have headroom.

Get the job done faster online

Pretty much everything that is routine in our life is migrating to the online world and we depend on the internet like our lives depend on it. A faster internet connection would mean you get to do everything faster, because everything loads faster. Shopping, banking or even uploading your photos to social media can be done faster with a 1 Gbps connection. Doing things faster means you have more time to play, and boy can you play with 1 Gbps Internet connection.

Build a seamless smart home experience with IoT devices

Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more essential than ever. If you are into automating and streamlining your home electronics, 1Gbps plays more important role than ever. In IoT, reduced latency is the highest priority for the most effective user experience. This is especially the case when you enable outdoor access to your premise.

The most famous mod in IoT is the ability to turn a wall socket on or off remotely while being able to see the status of it live on your device. This can be applied on the most critical wall sockets that use heat intensive appliances like fridge, iron and electrical stove. You probably would think that this is just a cool gimmick to have, but in the case of emergency, when it happens, every millisecond can make a very big difference between life and death. At this point of time, latency is the last thing that you would ever want to bog you down.

GIG Speed internet is no longer alien in Malaysia if you’re wondering. The legends of high-speed fibre broadband, TIME Internet are already offering this with their 1 Gbps TIME Fibre Home Broadband plan. At the insanely affordable price of RM199 per month, competition does not even exist in this speed segment yet!

If you want to be friendlier to your pocket, their 100 Mbps plan which is just irresistible is now going for RM99 per month. How can you even beat that price?

Need something in between? The 500 Mbps plan is for you at RM139 per month. Signing up is just as efficient as their offering. You can head over to right away and you will be enrolled before you even realize it. Oh, did I mention about the RM100 off your first bill?

Disclaimer: This is an exclusive article for TIME Fibre.

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