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JOI 11 Pro (64GB) with JOI Active Pen Pro 110 — is the pen mightier than the keyboard?

JOI 11 Pro (64GB) with JOI Active Pen Pro 110 — is the pen mightier than the keyboard?

by Vyncent ChanDecember 14, 2018
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Tired of using a keyboard and mouse? A keyboard and mouse is great for text entry and general usage, but if you to express yourself via drawing, you are out of luck. You can to some extent draw with a mouse, but why limit yourself when you can get the JOI 11 Pro (64GB) which gives you the flexibility of drawing with the JOI Active Pen Pro 110?

The Active Pen Pro 110 offers 1024 levels of pressure detection, allowing you to vary your strokes just like you would with a normal pen on paper. If you aren’t into using it for drawing, the button on the pen also allows you to click on objects as you hover over it. Miss the days of resistive touchscreens which required a stylus to operate? Well the JOI 11 Pro can let you relive the nostalgia in Windows 10 on the JOI 11 Pro (64GB).

If you are bored of typing, you can make use of the handwriting recognition built into Windows 10. It is actually surprisingly good, and you probably would have an enjoyable experience with it if you are the kind who prefers writing down your ideas instead of typing them out. Rather than write on paper, why not on the JOI 11 Pro (64GB)? Not only do you have the option of saving your scribbles on the cloud for safekeeping, but you also save paper. #GoGreen #SaveTrees

I didn’t do the sketch above on the JOI 11 Pro (64GB). It was done by our friendly socmed manager who is a lot better at drawing than me. I can only doodle. And while the Active Pen Pro 110 can handle doodles, no questions asked, it was only appropriate to put it in the hands of someone who could properly utilize it. And utilize it did. You can see that the sketch has varying stroke intensity, made possible by the pressure sensitivity of the Active Pen Pro 110. The palm rejection on the JOI 11 Pro (64GB) is also spot on, helping our artist here to draw comfortably.

The Active Pen Pro 110 priced at RM129 works with the JOI 11 Pro (64GB), which costs just RM999. For a Windows 10 tablet with stylus support, the JOI 11 Pro (64GB) is quite a steal. You can get the JOI 11 Pro (64GB) via the following link:

This is an exclusive article for JOI Malaysia.

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