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Second ASUS and NVIDIA Gamers Gathering 2014

Second ASUS and NVIDIA Gamers Gathering 2014

by Vyncent ChanMay 7, 2014
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Did you want to know what i did last sunday? , if you want to know keep on reading and i will tell you a story about me stepping out of my room on last sunday which is extremely rare .


If you notice in ASUS MALAYSIA and ASUS ROG MALAYSIA they already announce the second ASUS & NVIDIA Gamers gathering 2014 on 7 March , the event itself will start on 16 March at 1PM venue Orange Esports Stadium.

It has been ages! since i go out meet the sun and try to blend in the society , its a close event so you need to sign up first to attend the event , so i sign up my name and wait for confirmation email . Tick tock tick tock time goes on 12 March i got an email from ASUS that say my registration has been confirmed

16 March 2014 12.30pm – i purposeful came 30 minute early because i want to see what ASUS and NVIDIA have there . when i arrive at the venue i did see ASUS , NVIDIA , VECTOR and IAH Games Banners .



As you can see in the above picture a few Rigs that has been setup for display and demo , left side on NVIDIA table is a Steam Machine assemble by CZONE , and in the middle the POSEIDON courtesy of VECTOR equiped with ASUS GTX 780 (Poseidon), on the right side on ASUS table displaying ASUS MATRIX GTX 780 TI that are still in NDA for Performance which is lifted today 18 march and will be available in the retail this week

IMG_27512.00PM – The First agenda is a technical talk by NVIDIA rep from Taiwan Mr.Hugo Hsu about the new technology by NVIDIA , Shadowplay features in Nvidia Drivers , comparison of GTX550TI vs GTX750TI and lastly Q&A session

IMG_27862.30PM – Next agenda is a technical talk by Mr.Juan Chong from ASUS Malaysia about ASUS POSEIDON , and the technology of lower power consumption with better performance .

IMG_27923.00PM – Third highlight of the event is an intro by IAH Games about Blacklight Retribution an FPS games F2P(free to pay) , my honest opinion about the game im sure this will be a P2W(pay to win) games , after the talk is a gaming session for all participant in the event , everyone have the chance to play Blacklight Retribution with accounts provide by IAH Games , why i said the game will be P2W because i did see a (gold) or credit system that you can upgrade/buy your weapon and customization for skin but you can earn the credits by playing and also buy it with real money .

20140316_140152 makan3.00PM > 5.00PM – FOOOD! just look at the picture above! . The food is really delicious , we got mihun goreng , ayam rendang , sandwich , meatballs ,and desert . Thanks for the meal ASUS .

20140316_1655105.00pm – Last segment of the event is a live demo by Mr.Hugo Hsu about about NVIDIA G-sync new display technology that delivers the smoothest and fastest gaming experience ever by NVIDIA and its the first live demo of G-sync in Malaysia by NVIDIA

skip to 00:36 to see the live demo of NVIDIA G-sync

6.00PM – the event ended

Despite a few technical stuff problems the event start a bit late at 2.00PM , but it start and ended very well , i had fun there learning about new things such as NVIDIA G-sync and blending with the society which is im really not good with it ,
anyway it was a fun Sunday . Thank you ASUS , NVIDIA , VECTOR , IAH Games and Oranges For the event .

Visit ASUS MALAYSIA and ASUS ROG MALAYSIA for more event in the future . !

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