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Apple’s EV Shift – Redesign and 2028 Launch Target

Apple’s EV Shift – Redesign and 2028 Launch Target

by Aiman MaulanaJanuary 30, 2024
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Apple is recalibrating its ambitious electric vehicle (EV) project, introducing design simplifications and extending the anticipated launch timeline, according to recent reports from Bloomberg. This marks yet another delay in Apple’s prolonged journey to bring a partially autonomous EV to the market.

Apple EV Pushed Back to 2028

Apple's EV Shift - Redesign and 2028 Launch Target

The latest update suggests that the release of Apple’s electric vehicle is now pushed back to 2028 at the earliest. Notably, the previously targeted launch year of 2026 was also a result of a prior delay. The tech giant is streamlining its EV plans, opting for a more limited set of features. This approach represents a significant dialing back from the initial vision that included a fully autonomous vehicle sans pedals or a steering wheel.

The revised plan envisions the EV operating with a “Level 2+” system. This system offers capabilities such as autonomous lane centering and adaptive cruise control simultaneously. However, it falls a few steps below the previously aspired “Level 4” technology, which would have enabled the car to drive autonomously under specific limited circumstances.

The company’s decision to modify its EV project, known as Titan, reportedly came after discussions involving the company’s board, CEO Tim Cook, and project head Kevin Lynch. Throughout 2023, the board extensively queried company leadership about the EV project, leading to strategic adjustments.

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The development of the Apple electric vehicle dates back to 2014, with limited official details released over the past decade. Interestingly, early estimates in the mid-2010s had anticipated Apple’s car to hit the market by 2019. Initial reports in the mid-2010s suggested the company aimed for a 2019 release for its electric car.

Apple has invested substantial resources in the Titan project, spending hundreds of millions annually, despite multiple setbacks, strategy changes, and layoffs. As of late 2022, the car’s design remained in the pre-prototype stage. If successfully launched, Apple’s EV would enter a competitive market, pitting the tech giant against established automakers like Tesla, Ford, GMC, and Rivian. Amazon has invested over $1.3 billion in Rivian. Recent skepticism from industry leaders like Ford CEO Jim Farley and Tesla CEO Elon Musk about the profitability and safety of fully autonomous vehicles adds an additional layer of complexity to Apple’s EV aspirations.

As Apple continues to fine-tune its electric vehicle project, the tech and automotive industries eagerly await further developments. Stay tuned for updates on Apple’s evolving journey into the electric vehicle market.


Pokdepinion: Being pushed back is fine, after all, we’re used to seeing them release the latest technologies on the later side of things. The important here is to do execute it well, and they’ve been doing that time and time again.

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