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HUAWEI Is Planning On Releasing HUAWEI Game Consoles and Gaming Laptops

HUAWEI Is Planning On Releasing HUAWEI Game Consoles and Gaming Laptops

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieFebruary 11, 2021
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According to reports, HUAWEI might be looking into making their own game consoles and gaming laptops. The planned HUAWEI game console will allegedly be in the vein of other consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

HUAWEI game consoles incoming?

HUAWEI game console gaming laptop

This comes from a tipster on Weibo with the handle @Tomato Prince who claims that the company is looking to venture into the gaming scene with their own products. This is the first we’ve heard of HUAWEI looking to make their own game consoles. Maybe they’ll strike a partnership with Tencent perhaps?

The HONOR Hunter V700 gaming laptop was released last year, which was technically launched under HUAWEI as the HONOR brand had not been sold off yet when it launched. As for their very own gaming laptop, it was expected to launch sometime last year was seemingly delayed.

honor hunter v700 laptop

Of course, there are just rumours at the moment. Although, it would be interesting to see whether HUAWEI will indeed release their own HUAWEI game console and if so, will it see a worldwide release or will it be a China-exclusive product?


Pokdepinion: A HUAWEI game console? This I gotta see.

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