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HUAWEI Initiates HarmonyOS Beta Trial with Exclusive Features

HUAWEI Initiates HarmonyOS Beta Trial with Exclusive Features

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 12, 2024
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HUAWEI enthusiasts in China are in for an exclusive treat as the tech giant announces the launch of a HarmonyOS beta trial. The program invites community members to participate in testing new features designed to enhance user experience.

HUAWEI HarmonyOS Beta Trial

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Key features of the HarmonyOS beta trial include streamlined navigation, enhanced security measures across the interface, and improved responsiveness. The trial is an opportunity for 2,000 lucky participants to get a sneak peek into the future of HUAWEI’s operating system. Among the participants, 200 will receive a log version, while the remaining 1,800 will get a no-log version, where any encountered bugs must be reported manually.

However, there are a few prerequisites and limitations to keep in mind. Upgrading to the new build means users cannot revert to the stable version, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration before opting for the beta trial. Additionally, the trial is exclusively available to users in China, excluding HUAWEI enthusiasts worldwide with EMUI-branded OS.

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The selected smartphones and tablets eligible for the trial version include popular models such as:

  • HUAWEI Mate 60 series
  • HUAWEI P60 series
  • HUAWEI Mate 50 series
  • HUAWEI Mate X3
  • HUAWEI Mate X5
  • MatePad Pro 11 2024
  • MatePad Pro 13.2

HUAWEI is not only focusing on handheld devices but also inviting users to test HarmonyOS on TVs. The trial includes four models from the V series and six models from the SE lineup, showcasing HUAWEI’s commitment to delivering a seamless experience across various devices.

To participate in the HarmonyOS beta trial, users with eligible devices purchased in China must ensure they have a minimum of 8GB storage and the latest HarmonyOS version. The application process involves using the My HUAWEI app, where an Upgrade option will be available in the Home tab.

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Interested users have until March 30 to submit their applications, with HUAWEI carefully selecting the 2,000 participants who will have the exclusive opportunity to explore and contribute to the evolution of HarmonyOS.


Pokdepinion: You might be wondering why I’m writing this since it’s exclusively for China. We wanted to make sure users are aware that it’s not available in other countries, or at least other countries will have their own program for it, and there was some confusion on social media regarding it. This should help clear the air to some degree.

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