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iPhone 13 series sees production cuts due to chip shortage

iPhone 13 series sees production cuts due to chip shortage

by Vyncent ChanOctober 14, 2021
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If you are still considering getting an iPhone 13 series, you might be in for a long wait. Apple is apparently set to cut production on the iPhone 13 series by 10 million units in 2021, due to the chip shortages, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Apple A15 Bionic

Apple has apparently secured quite a lot of chips from TSMC, which should mean that the A15 Bionic isn’t as affected, but it is the other chipmakers in Apple’s supply chain that are holding Apple back. Apple was reportedly planning to make 90 million iPhone 13s in this last quarter of 2021, but Broadcom and Texas Instruments are reportedly unable to keep up with Apple’s demand. Broadcom supplies the wireless components while Texas Instruments is said to be responsible for the display parts.

iPhone 13 unboxing

It is quite interesting that while Apple is facing chip shortages, the Android smartphone market appears to be just fine. While we would probably assume that Apple will probably be capable of securing better supply, it seems that Android smartphone makers are still churning out their devices like nobody’s business.

In any case, your wait for your new iPhone 13 will possibly extend quite a bit if you haven’t pre-ordered yours. Most of the industry predicts that most of the supply issues will be alleviated sometime in 2022, so fingers crossed. And to Apple fans, here’s a meme from us PC gamers:

Apple iphone 13 shortage


Pokdepinion: Imagine wanting to pay over RM5000 for your smartphone and yet being unable to get one.

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