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iPhone 16 Battery Capacities Leaked – What to Expect from Apple’s Latest Flagships

iPhone 16 Battery Capacities Leaked – What to Expect from Apple’s Latest Flagships

by Aiman MaulanaApril 23, 2024
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Excitement is building as leaks regarding the highly anticipated iPhone 16 family continue to surface. Today, a purported revelation regarding the battery capacities of Apple’s upcoming flagship devices has emerged, providing consumers with a glimpse into what to expect. However, it’s essential to approach these details with caution, considering the source’s unverified track record.

iPhone 16 Battery Capacities Leaked

Apple iPhone 16 Series Render Images Showcase Upgrades

According to the leak, the standard iPhone 16 is rumored to feature a 3,561 mAh battery, marking a modest 6% increase compared to its predecessor. Conversely, the iPhone 16 Plus is purportedly equipped with a 4,006 mAh battery, signaling a 9% reduction from the previous model. While a decrease in battery size may raise eyebrows, it’s not an unprecedented move in the realm of smartphone evolution.

Shifting focus to the Pro lineup, rumors suggest that the iPhone 16 Pro will house a 3,355 mAh battery, representing a slight 2.5% boost from its forerunner. Meanwhile, the Pro Max variant is rumored to boast a generous 4,676 mAh battery, reflecting a 5% increase compared to its predecessor. These leaked capacities align with earlier speculations, albeit with the exclusion of the iPhone 16 Pro in a previous rumor.

iPhone 16 Battery Capacities Leaked - What to Expect from Apple's Latest Flagships 30

It’s worth noting that while the iPhone 16 Plus appears to sport a smaller battery, potential efficiency enhancements in the System-on-Chip (SoC) and display technology could offset any concerns about diminished battery life. Thus, even if the leak holds true, it’s premature to sound the alarm bells.

Apple enthusiasts can mark their calendars for September, as it’s widely anticipated that the iPhone 16 family will be unveiled during Apple’s annual hardware launch event. As the excitement mounts, stay tuned to for further updates and insights into Apple’s latest innovations.


Pokdepinion: Honestly, the existing battery life is great, with my only complaint being for the Pro model alone. The base, Plus, and Pro Max are excellent so anything more is gonna be hard to tell for most consumers. Then again, who knows, maybe Apple manages to do something to really lengthen the battery life of each device.

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