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iPhone cameras may get degraded by use on motorcycles

iPhone cameras may get degraded by use on motorcycles

by Vyncent ChanSeptember 13, 2021
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You know how they say that iPhones are a status symbol? It seems that you will have to get a car to go along with it too, as vibrations on motorcycles can affect the iPhone camera systems. Apple advises against mounting the iPhones to motorcycles with high-power or high-volume engines, while motorbikes with smaller engines or electric bike users are recommended to use a vibration dampening mount.

The vibrations apparently impacts the optical image stabilization (OIS) systems and closed-loop AF systems in iPhone cameras, which Apple notes are “designed for durability.” Talk about mixed messages, sheesh. In any case, the systems are designed to measure vibrations to compensate against them and mitigate blurring in your shots, but intense vibrations from your motorcycle can degrade the systems.

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Apparently there were some users who complained that their iPhone cameras got damaged after a ride on their motorcycles, leading Apple to publish this support document. The affected iPhones with OIS include most of the devices after the iPhone 6 Plus, while closed-loop AF is available on the iPhone XS and newer devices. This means that most of you out there who own an iPhone will probably do best to not mount your iPhone on your motorcycle’s handlebars.

While Apple’s support documentation only covers their own devices, it would probably be safe to assume that most other OIS-equipped smartphones would also be similarly affected by vibrations to varying degrees. You should definitely try to avoid subjecting your premium smartphones to too much vibration anyway.


Pokdepinion: Or you know, get a car. Preferably a status symbol, just like your phone. Think different. What about a Tesla? Make sure you don’t owe people millions in unrefunded tickets though.

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