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Here’s what we know about the Redmi K30 Pro so far

Here’s what we know about the Redmi K30 Pro so far

by Vyncent ChanMarch 22, 2020
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The Redmi K30 Pro might be the most interesting flagship of 2020, with a price tag that might make it the most affordable Snapdragon 865 smartphone in the market. This is matched by some interesting specifications and features which might actually result in the Redmi K30 Pro overshadowing the Mi 10. Here’s what we know about the Redmi K30 Pro so far:

60 Hz AMOLED display with 180 Hz response

The Redmi K30 Pro has been confirmed to come with a 60 Hz AMOLED display panel from Samsung. While the refresh rate is rather mediocre in today’s age of 90 Hz mid-range devices, it will feature 180 Hz touch polling along with a whopping 1200-nit peak brightness. Xiaomi will also offer the HDR10+ capability, which should satisfy even the pickiest of Netflix viewers. We should expect Widevine L1 support from the get go, as it would be pointless to have such a beautiful display if not to watch movies at the highest fidelity. The size has yet to be revealed though.

redmi k30 pro display

There will be no punch hole or notch in the Redmi K30 Pro’s display, as Redmi will adopt a single popup selfie camera. For those who puts greater importance on the selfie chops of their smartphones, they might want to look at the Redmi K30/POCO X2 instead, as that offers a dual selfie camera setup.

Dual OIS with 3x Optical Zoom camera

redmi k30 pro camera

The Redmi K30 Pro has been confirmed to feature a quad-camera layout on its back, but unlike most budget-oriented flagships, it will feature OIS on not just one, but two of its rear cameras. The primary 64MP camera will get optical stabilization along with the 3x telephoto lens, which put the Redmi K30 Pro in an entirely different category when compared against its predecessors. As you might expect, the 64MP sensor this time around comes from Sony, so you are getting the IMX686 instead of the GW1. Whether this will result in an appreciable difference in imaging capabilities remain to be seen, although Sony’s 48MP Exmor RS IMX586 definitely outclasses Samsung’s contemporary ISOCELL Bright GM1 sensor. The Redmi K30 Pro will also support 8K video recording for those who are into videography.

5G Multilink with dual-mode 5G

redmi k30 pro 5g

Redmi K30 Pro will tout a number of connectivity technologies including dual-mode 5G, 5G Multilink, Super Bluetooth 5.1 and WiFi 6. While some of these are pretty familiar, 5G Multilink is rather unique. Redmi will combine 2.4 GHz WiFi, 5 GHz WiFi and 4G/5G mobile networks to deliver the fastest network speeds you have seen. Meanwhile Super Bluetooth aims to extend the range of the Bluetooth connection, with Redmi promising a rather ridiculous 400 meters range. How well this works remains to be seen though.

A gamer’s dream phone?

redmi k30 pro vapor chamber

As if all that isn’t enough to entice you, the Redmi K30 Pro might be a the perfect phone for gaming with a massive 3435mm2 vapor chamber cooling to keep the Snapdragon 865 running at peak performance, as well as a headphone jack for that sweet latency-free audio. It goes without saying the LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 storage would also help the Redmi K30 Pro deliver chart-topping performance figures too. Thus far, Redmi has hinted at Antutu scores in excess of 610 000.

Available in (at least) 3 Colors

The design of the Redmi K30 Pro has been revealed previously, however this is a hint at the number of colors available. It seems that Redmi might have have more colors up their sleeves as Redmi’s head Lu Weibing have been releasing a trickle of images on Weibo. The glass-metal body is also IP53 rated, which is more than what any Xiaomi flagship before it could boast of.

Redmi K30 Pro to be Priced from ~RM2043?

redmi k30 pro popup camera

While earlier rumors have hinted at a price of between 3000 CNY (~RM1858) to 3500 CNY (~RM2168), a recent leak has narrowed it down to 3299 CNY (~RM2043). If that price is true, the Redmi K30 Pro may be one of the best value for money devices released thus far.

The official launch is happening this 24th, so stay tuned for more official information about the Redmi K30 Pro!

Pokdepinion: This device is definitely shaping up to be an awesome device!

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