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ROG Phone 3’s design revealed by TENAA listing

ROG Phone 3’s design revealed by TENAA listing

by Vyncent ChanJune 17, 2020
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The ROG Phone 3 has smiled for the cameras at TENAA, with a surprisingly fresh design. The front appears largely unchanged, but the rear side definitely gets some major changes. For starters, it appears that they have dropped the metal bits that made the ROG Phone 2 more unique compared to the slew of glass-backed smartphones in the market.

ROG Phone 3's design revealed by TENAA listing 18

They are still keeping the RGB-lit logo, and it seems that the camera is going to see a major upgrade in addition to getting a third member in there, looking at the size of the camera hump. ASUS will probably also continue making a second-gen Lighting Case for the ROG Phone 3 as well, with a separate LED below the flash module.

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Meanwhile the TENAA listing also lists a few interesting specifications. It will, for some reason, sport an iris sensor. The chipset also appears to be a Snapdragon 865+, with higher clocks than the Snapdragon 865, despite earlier rumors of the Snapdragon 865 not getting a Plus variant. It might be an ROG-exclusive deal again though, similar to what ASUS managed to get with the first ROG Phone.

ROG Phone 3's design revealed by TENAA listing 20

Up to 12GB RAM and 512GB of storage will come with the ROG Phone 3, although I do expect ASUS to offer a 1TB option later, as the ROG Phone 2 came with up to 1TB of storage for the ROG Phone 2 Ultimate Edition. The battery appears to be reduced to just 5800 mAh, which might be a bummer coming from the ROG Phone 2’s 6000 mAh.

What do you think of the ROG Phone 3’s design this time around? Is it better that they went for a more understated look, or do you prefer the ROG Phone 2’s metal-glass hybrid that looks way more aggressive?


Pokdepinion: I must say, the ROG Phone 2 does look a bit better than this… Also I am not too sure about that huge camera hump.

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