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Xiaomi Reveals New Tech That Allows For Bigger Battery Capacity

Xiaomi Reveals New Tech That Allows For Bigger Battery Capacity

by Raja IdrisDecember 13, 2021
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It appears that Xiaomi has revealed a new battery tech that they’ve been working on which allows them to increase the silicon content inside the battery, resulting in a more prolonged battery life.

Xiaomi bigger battery tech

Xiaomi battery tech

The news was revealed over at Weibo, where the company say it could be made available in their smartphones starting next year. It seems that the battery can fit about 10% more mAh and it reported to provide up 100 minutes more battery life on a single charge.

Aside from that, the PCM (protection circuit module) has been revamped and angled at 90-degrees, where it no longer lies flat. This in turn has improved space efficiency on the inside.

Not to forget, they have equipped the new battery with a fuel gauge chip. It relies on advanced algorithms that should be more safe and improve the life span of battery cells as it monitors overnight charging. Additionally, they’ve mentioned that they have some ways on controlling temperature, as we all know that devices do warm up when you charge them. Unfortunately, there’s not much detail on how exactly they will deal with that issue.

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Pokdepinion: Longer battery life is always good, but I’m more interested on the temperature control side of things. As we all know, it was an issue for this year’s Snapdragon 888 devices. Can’t wait to find out more on that.

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