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[WWDC 2024] Apple Unveils watchOS 11 with Enhanced Health, Fitness, and Personalization Features

[WWDC 2024] Apple Unveils watchOS 11 with Enhanced Health, Fitness, and Personalization Features

by Aiman MaulanaJune 11, 2024
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Apple today previewed watchOS 11, bringing a suite of new features that leverage its advanced sensor technology and algorithms to offer groundbreaking insights into users’ health and fitness, alongside unprecedented levels of personalization. This update introduces the Vitals app, customizable Activity rings, a new way to measure training load, and enhanced support for pregnant users. Connectivity and convenience are further improved with the Check In feature, Translate app, and expanded capabilities for the double tap gesture.

Breakthrough Insights with the Vitals App

[WWDC 2024] Apple Unveils watchOS 11 with Enhanced Health, Fitness, and Personalization Features

The new Vitals app in watchOS 11 surfaces key health metrics, providing users with crucial data on heart rate, respiratory rate, wrist temperature, sleep duration, and blood oxygen levels. This app offers a quick glance at daily health status, notifying users when their metrics fall out of their typical range. The Vitals app uses data from the Apple Heart and Movement Study to inform out-of-range classifications, helping users make more informed health decisions.

Enhanced Support for Pregnant Users

watchOS 11, iOS 18, and iPadOS 18 bring additional support for pregnant users, reflecting changes in their physical and mental health. When users log a pregnancy in the Health app, the Cycle Tracking app on Apple Watch shows gestational age and allows symptom logging. Pregnant users can also receive mental health assessment reminders and alerts for potential fall risks during the third trimester, enhancing safety and well-being during this critical period.

Revolutionary Training Load Measurement

Training load in watchOS 11 offers a new way to understand the impact of workouts on the body over time. Users can compare the intensity and duration of their workouts over the last seven days with their 28-day training load, aiding in effective training management. The new effort rating, ranging from 1 to 10, helps users gauge workout difficulty and adjust their routines for optimal fitness and performance. These insights are available in the Activity app on Apple Watch and the Fitness app on iPhone.

More Customizable Activity Rings

[WWDC 2024] Apple Unveils watchOS 11 with Enhanced Health, Fitness, and Personalization Features 31

With watchOS 11, Activity rings become more flexible. Users can pause their rings for rest days or injuries without affecting award streaks. Additionally, daily goals can now be customized, providing tailored motivation. The Fitness app on iPhone also offers more customization, with new metrics for various workouts and mindfulness activities.

Personalized Smart Stack and Photos Face

The Smart Stack in watchOS 11 is even more intelligent, featuring new widgets like Shazam, Photos, and Distance. It suggests widgets based on time, location, and routines, enhancing accessibility. The Photos watch face uses machine learning to recommend the best photos, optimizing them for the watch face and providing a dynamic mode that delights users with a new image every time they raise their wrist.

Improved Connectivity and Convenience

[WWDC 2024] Apple Unveils watchOS 11 with Enhanced Health, Fitness, and Personalization Features 32

New features in watchOS 11, such as Check In and the Translate app, enhance connectivity and convenience. Users can now access Check In during workouts or from Messages, ensuring their safety. The Translate app offers translations for 20 languages directly on the wrist, with automatic suggestions when traveling. The double tap gesture now enables scrolling through any app, simplifying one-handed interaction with Apple Watch.

Additional Updates in watchOS 11

  • Workout App: New workout types like Soccer, American Football, and Skiing, with enhanced GPS positioning.
  • Custom Workouts: Interval-based workouts for Pool Swims and other activities.
  • Apple Maps: Offline navigation for U.S. national park hikes and custom walking routes.
  • Enhanced Notifications: Summarized notifications forwarded from iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.
  • Enhanced Ticketing: Live Activities for event information in Apple Wallet.

New Tools for Developers

watchOS 11 introduces new APIs for developers, allowing integration of the Smart Stack’s increased intelligence and double tap gesture. Developers can add interactive widgets, Live Activities, and define actions within apps for seamless user experiences.

Privacy and Security

Privacy remains fundamental in Apple’s design. Health and fitness data are encrypted when devices are locked, and Health data backed up to iCloud is encrypted end-to-end. This ensures user data remains private and secure.


Pokdepinion: Not gonna lie, being able to use the watch as a translator app seems a whole lot more convenient than using a smartphone. I just want to see how reliable it is first, otherwise I’ll just stick to using the iPhone for that.

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