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Head Of Xbox Reveals The One Thing He Likes About PS5

Head Of Xbox Reveals The One Thing He Likes About PS5

by Raja IdrisJanuary 2, 2020
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Microsoft has unveiled their latest Xbox while Sony has yet to introduce their next gen console. Despite that, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has said revealed on what he likes the most about the PS5.

According to Spencer, it seems that he thinks that it’s nice that the folks at Sony Interactive Entertainment and PS5 to have invested in their SSD technology.

Here’s what he had to say:

I like that Mark Cerny and his team at Sony are also investing in an SSD for the PlayStation 5, the engines and tools can implement corresponding functions. Together we will ensure a larger installed base — and developers will do everything possible to master and support the programming of these hardware capabilities. I don’t have a PS5 development kit, I don’t even think our Minecraft team does. But it will be exciting to see how the industry will benefit from the comprehensive use of such solutions.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox

One thing’s for sure, the upgrade to an SSD for consoles is a win for consumers out there.

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Pokdepinion: Now that’s nice of him. Can’t we all get along and just have a healthy competition?

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