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Google Play Pass Has Officially Rolled Out in Malaysia

Google Play Pass Has Officially Rolled Out in Malaysia

by Aiman MaulanaAugust 29, 2023
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The Google Play Pass subscription service was recently added to a number of countries. While Malaysia wasn’t initially listed among the supported countries, it turns out we are getting it after all.

Google Play Pass Malaysia

Google Play Pass Has Officially Rolled Out in Malaysia

Previously, some interesting discussions were found online suggesting that the Google Play Pass subscription has been made available in Malaysia. However, subsequent reports painted a more nuanced picture as some users were unable to locate it on the Google Play Store, indicating either a limited distribution for testing or a gradual rollout strategy.

Local tech media enquired Google Malaysia about it and managed to confirm that Google Play Pass was officially launched in the country. The representative clarified that the distribution indeed occurred in stages, commencing on Monday. According to Google Malaysia, the rollout process has now concluded, ensuring that the service is accessible to all Malaysian users. Despite this, Malaysia has yet to be officially included in the list of countries supported by Play Pass.

Google Play Pass Has Officially Rolled Out in Malaysia

For those unfamiliar with Play Pass, it can be best described as Google’s counterpart to Apple Arcade. Initially introduced in select regions in 2019, Play Pass is a subscription service offering users an expansive library of ad-free mobile games. Notably, this collection encompasses premium, non-free-to-play games such as Stardew Valley and Terraria – titles that typically cost RM20.99 on the Play Store, for just a price of RM10.99 per month or RM99 per year. Moreover, Play Pass boasts a family-sharing feature that permits subscription sharing with up to five other individuals.

To subscribe to Play Pass, navigate to the Google Play Store, tap on your profile picture, and choose Play Pass from the ensuing pop-up menu. From there, you can select “Get Started” for the monthly subscription option or explore the link below for the annual alternative.

As the availability of Google Play Pass extends to Malaysia, gamers and mobile enthusiasts can now indulge in an extensive array of premium games with the added benefits of ad-free experiences and family-sharing options.


Pokdepinion: While this type of subscription service might be harder to on PC and console for now, I believe it has the biggest chance to succeed in the mobile space given the sheer amount of games on both Android and iOS. If this makes it easier for me try out these games, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up gluing myself to my phones more.

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