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Call of Duty cheaters will be rendered impotent with RICOCHET’s Damage Shield

Call of Duty cheaters will be rendered impotent with RICOCHET’s Damage Shield

by Vyncent ChanFebruary 21, 2022
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Call of Duty cheaters are a constant annoyance in one of the most popular FPS titles out there, spoiling the fun for everyone. When RICOCHET went live back last year, there was a massive drop in cheaters reported, indicating that the move was a success. To further improve the overall experience, Call of Duty cheaters will no longer deal any damage to legit players, with something that RICOCHET dubbed Damage Shield.

RICOCHET Damage Shield set to ruin Call of Duty cheaters’ day

With Damage Shield, when the server detects a cheater, the cheater will be blocked from inflicting damage onto other players. While they are unable to damage anyone else, they are still going to be vulnerable to other players. This allows for better gameplay for the legit players, while also allowing RICOCHET to collect more details about the cheater’s systems.

Each encounter is tracked to ensure that Damage Shield is not applied randomly or by accident at any skill level. Damage Shield is currently deployed, which means that it is actively ruining Call of Duty cheaters’ day, while making it better for everyone else. This comes as RICOCHET admits that there has been an increase of cheaters, although not as bad as it was during Verdansk.

Call of Duty cheaters will be rendered impotent with RICOCHET's Damage Shield 27

Aside from Damage Shield, RICOCHET will also be doling out hardware-based bans to cheaters across all current Call of Duty titles, as well as future COD titles. Attempts to hide your hardware ID may result in a permanent ban. They will be rolling out newer mitigations to make cheaters suffer more, although they did mention that they do not want to ruin the surprise. Good stuff.

Pokdepinion: I really hope RICOCHET annoys cheaters more. It’s payback!

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